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FAQ's Application and Program Details

Volunteering Solutions offers volunteering and internship opportunities in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Australia. We also offer Summer Special Experience Trips as well as 2 Week Special Volunteer and Travel options for our volunteers. We work with local NGOs or organizations at the grassroots level to provide volunteer and internship placements in different countries.
Currently, Volunteering Solutions is operating in 19 countries across different continents. You can choose to volunteer in any of the following countries:
ASIA: Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Nepal, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
AFRICA: Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Morocco.
EUROPE: Spain.
LATIN AMERICA: Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica.
There’s a wide array of programs to choose from. Participants can make their choice based on their skills, educational qualification as well as something that aligns with their interest area.
Volunteers can choose to be a part of Childcare Programs, Teaching Programs, Community Development Programs, Disabled Care Programs, Women Empowerment Programs, Medical and Healthcare Programs, Journalism Internships, Dental Electives, Wildlife and Animal Care as well as Sports Coaching Programs.
Most people are surprised to hear that they would have to pay to volunteer abroad. What they often do not realize is that there are significant administrative costs involved in arranging a worthwhile volunteer abroad placement. 
Volunteering Solutions is not supported by any government funding and runs the programs entirely from the fee that volunteers pay to take part in the volunteer projects. There are several costs involved, such as food, accommodation, transportation, transfers, project selection etc. The program fee charged by us goes into providing you all these services. The money that you pay to us is distributed at various stages to provide you a meaningful volunteer abroad experience.
All volunteers need to apply online to book their volunteer placement. The placements are given on an individual basis depending on the information given in your application and the project choice. Volunteering Solutions would also require an applicant to email his / her CV, photograph as well as any other supporting documents as required. We usually confirm your placement information within 10 working days' time. After the placement is confirmed, volunteers can check the project info by logging into their My Account. The final program fee payment can be made after the booking has been confirmed.
There is no deadline for registering for your program. However, it is advised to apply as soon as possible after you have decided on your choice of program and the desired dates. Every program has limited number of spots available and due to this reason, volunteers are requested to book their spot when as soon as they decide their program date. We abide by the first come first serve policy.
Please see the Program Costs page to check the cost of the program. Volunteering Solutions strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. You can compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference.  
Yes. We will ensure that you get placed along with your friend or partner in the same project and also stay in the same accommodation. Volunteers need to inform us in advance and mention about the necessary requirements in the application form. 
The minimum age requirement for individual participants for most of our programs is 17 years. Some programs also have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. We suggest you to visit the specific program destination page to check the minimum age requirement. However, volunteers below 17 years and children can join the program if they are volunteering as a part of a group (with adult members). We also welcome families to join our programs. There's no specific maximum age bar to join our programs - as long as you are healthy and fit enough to volunteer, you can join the journey.
Yes, you can volunteer in multiple programs in different countries. Volunteering Solutions' staff can offer you great combo packages as well where we will offer you a discount on the program fee if you choose to volunteer in multiple countries. If you choose to volunteer in different cities within the same country you do not need to pay a separate application fee for each program. If you decide to volunteer in separate programs in multiple countries, you will need to fill separate applications.
No, we do not have the funding to offer any scholarships or financial aid. We offer one of the most affordable volunteering programs and strive hard to keep our costs low whereby you can get the best low-cost volunteering experience. 

You can fundraise for the project you want to work for and Volunteering Solutions will be happy to provide with any documents or letters which you will require for the fundraising efforts.

Flights and Visa

Volunteering Solutions’ Travel Advisors will be glad to guide you while you book your flight tickets. We can suggest you cheap airways and websites from where you can book your tickets.
We shall guide you about the procedure to get Visa, and also provide with necessary documents if needed. For most of the destinations, you can either check online about getting an eVisa or visit your nearest Embassy for more information.
Yes - travel insurance is compulsory for volunteers. For your convenience, we have arranged a comprehensive package specially designed for volunteering. It includes medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, local ambulance expenses and trip interruption. 

Health and Safety

This depends on the country you are going to.
We highly recommend you to consult your doctor for advice on immunizations. Check this detailed infographic about recommended vaccinations while volunteering overseas.
The safety and security of the participants are our prime concerns. All our placement sites are located in safe areas, in order to provide an incredible experience. However, while exploring the country, you should be careful about your belongings. Since most of the volunteering destinations are in developing regions, many of the natives might not be used to the regular things that you use in your daily life. Therefore, it’s always advised to be cautious.

Check out the safety tips that you need to remember while volunteering abroad.

Accommodation and Living

This depends on the project you chose. In most of the projects, volunteers stay in a volunteer house or at host family accommodations. For certain projects, volunteers might have to stay at the placement site.

No matter where you stay, we'll ensure that you have all the basic necessities
Our in-country coordinator will be there at the airport to receive you, with a placard having your name written on it. He/ She will accompany you and take you to your accommodation. You will also be given an orientation about the place and transportation facilities.
Yes, you will have the weekends free and you can do sightseeing as well as explore the most popular places of tourist interest in the country where you will be volunteering. Our local coordinators are always available to arrange any local trips. On the weekdays, volunteers and interns are free during the evenings to explore the local markets. We also have planned tours, about which you can find in your "My Account" section.
Meals are provided 2-3 times a day, as mentioned in your program itinerary. Mainly, the local cuisine will be served, and it's absolutely healthy. Both veg and nonveg food options are available, and if you have any specific preference, you can mention it in your application.
While most of the accommodations do have internet facilities, we cannot assure you about getting WiFi. However, there shall be internet cafes near your accommodation.
We usually accommodate rooms on same gender sharing basis. However, if you inform us about getting a single room and there's availability in the destination you choose, we shall be glad to offer you a private room. However, we cannot give assurance in this respect.

Connect with Past Volunteers

Please visit the Volunteer Testimonials Page and the Videos Page to see volunteer reviews and feedbacks. You can also contact us and tell us your choice of program destination. We can give you a list of past volunteer references as well if you want to get in touch with them. You can drop us a mail at [email protected]

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